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Paragon Naturals has been in business since 1999 servicing all areas of the Natural Products Industry. We call on all major Health Food Chains including several cross over grocery chains including Whole Foods Market, Fiesta Mart, HEB Grocery, Central Market, Sprouts, Vitamin Cottage and Market Streets. In additional we also call on numerous independent stores. The geographic territory that we cover is TX, LA, OK, and AR. We have 4 Sales reps in addition to an office manager.  All of our “A” accounts are visited every 2 weeks “B” accounts monthly and “C” account quarterly.

Services performed on behalf of our vendors include securing corporate approval, selling products into new and existing accounts, educating the store staff on each of our product lines, and providing samples and demos. We also attend store sets and resets. We only represent between 15- 20 manufactures at a time so we can provide very hands-on service to all of our accounts. We have represented a number of our current manufactures for 10 plus years and have earned additional bonuses and awards for surpassing sales goals.

Our philosophy is simple – represent the highest quality products in each category, know your products, have a goal for each account, build a rapport with each of your buyers, show up at the store regularly and do what you say you are going to do. The result of this simple philosophy has been increases of 25% to 50% in sales our first year with most of our vendors.

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Elaine Chambers

Elaine Chambers
Elaine Chambers – Director of Sales / Owner

Elaine started her work history in the cosmetic industry working with Lancôme and other national brands. Starting as a sales representative behind the counter at Marshal Fields in Chicago, she worked her way up to national sales manager. This position landed her in Houston. After a few years of working locally she decided it was time for a life change. Always leaning toward a natural life style and spending hours at her local health food store she met a natural product broker that was looking for a sales rep. She immediately fell in love with the natural product industry and after 9 months launched her own brokerage firm, Paragon Naturals. Her philosophy was to provide premium products and to adequately educate her staff and retail outlets. She has earned the reputation of honesty and always doing what she says she will do. Paragon Naturals grew very quickly. Testimony to her continued great service and effective sales representation, most of her original clients are still with her today. Her business partnership with David George has added a wealth of business expertise which has enhanced Paragon’s continued success.

David George - Director of Finance / Owner
David George – Director of Finance / Owner

David is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP). He began his career in public accounting with a national accounting firm. He moved on to industry as a manager/controller of a large organization. His last position before Paragon Naturals was President/CEO of a large construction firm. He is now a full partner in Paragon Naturals, and CFO.

Robbie of Paragon Naturals

Robbie has over 25 years of sales & marketing experience. His natural products experience includes 6 years at Whole Foods and 8 years at Paragon Naturals. For six years at Paragon Naturals, Robbie was the sales representative for North Texas & Oklahoma. For the last 2 years he has been at the administrative position of Rep Support for all of Paragon Naturals. Some of his duties include scheduling demos and store promotions, as well as submitting new store items.

Aaron Wendt of Paragon Naturals
Aaron Wendt

Aaron Wendt has been the Central Texas Territory Manager for Paragon Naturals since 2009. As a Native Texan currently based in Austin, Aaron represents Paragon Naturals in the cities of Austin, San Antonio and communities from Central to South Texas.

Since earning a BS in Biology from the University of Texas, Aaron has worked as a research assistant in one of UT’s Molecular Biology Laboratories. Working in a research lab has given Aaron a solid foundation in the Natural Sciences but bringing natural health products to consumers in need has been far more rewarding.

Like many on the Paragon team, Aaron got his start in the Natural Products Industry working as a supplements buyer for a respected natural foods retailer. Within a couple years Aaron was given the opportunity to apply his retail and interpersonal experience to the wholesale market.

With over 10 years of sales and marketing experience in the Natural Products Industry, Aaron continues to employ his passion for Holistic Health and knowledge of natural products at Paragon Naturals.

Sarah is a representative of Paragon Naturals.

Sarah grew up in a very health conscious family where she learned the value of living a green and organic lifestyle. She became interested in skin care and supplements from a young age as her mother was an esthetician and instilled the importance of taking care of your skin and body as a whole.

With her love of the natural product industry Sarah went on to study Merchandising at Louisiana State University. During her time in school she held a summer internship with an Organic Skin care company where she became an Educator following her graduation from LSU. After traveling the nation training stores Sarah realized she wanted to pursue her passion on a local level which lead her to Paragon Naturals.

As a Houston Sales a representative for Paragon Naturals Sarah utilizes her training experience and merchandising knowledge, while sharing her devotion to the natural product industry.

Jessica Escobar
Jessica Escobar

My name is Jessica Escobar. My first education with supplements started with my health conscience family. That led me to a career in the natural products industry. I studied at Northeastern State University and have a degree in early childhood development. I love teaching people about our wonderful products at Paragon Naturals and how they can better their lives.

Sally Welmaker is an associate of Paragon Naturals.
Sally Welmaker

Sally Welmaker has over 26 years experience in the natural products industry. She first started studying natural remedies with her Father when he had cancer and had adverse reactions to “conventional treatments”. During her studies in natural remedies she discovered her passion when her Father lived 7 years longer than medical doctors told him he would, with only herbal treatments.

She then bought, owned and operated a retail health food store from for six years in Tarrant County which she sold in 2001. Sally stayed in retail management until 2006 when she started a demonstration management company, and moved into outside sales/territory management.

Throughout the years Sally certifications include Certified Natural Health Professional, Certified Iridologist, and Certified Natural Herbalist to name a few. Sally has recently found her niche at Paragon Naturals as DFW Regional Sales Rep in December 2020.

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